Activate Windows Home Server Edition by Avoiding Crack Activation Process

The server edition of Microsoft Corp named as “Windows Home Server” is the home-based server operating system. The users who are interested can call for a free evaluation kit along with the installation DVD. This edition contains 120 days of activation period for free grace, and can be transported to the user’s doorstep.

If the user wants to carry on this Windows Home Server edition further to 120 days trial period then the user will need to pay for a legal license copy.

Interestingly, I came across the following hack to bypass and crack the Windows edition of Home Server activation requirement: Link. It is on one of my favorite sites. What surprised me is, this blog has been an authentic source for  years now, and they do put up some great content. I’m not sure if this will put the blog owner in any kind of legal issues. I hope not.

This method seems to work for a few, while others complain that they could not get it to work. Those who got it to work too have a complaint, ie, they claim that this method only extends the trial period and is not a fool proof crack. Let me know what you guys think if you end up using this solution.

[via MyDigitalLife ]


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