Excellent Trick For Retrieving Setup Installer For Windows Live Messenger (Version 2009)

WLM or Windows Live Messenger (formerly called as MSN Messenger) is now been included by Microsoft in the Windows Live package. An individual installer for downloading and installing Windows Live Messenger is no longer supplied with the package.

Similar is the case with the beta version of Windows Live suit, Wave3 which includes WLM 2009. You need to download the Windows Live Installer that includes installation files associated with the various software programs which are a part of Windows Live (WL) products like WL Toolbar, WL Mail, WL Writer, etc.

Majority of these applications except for the WLM are not used frequently by most users. You still need to compulsorily download the huge integrated full installer “wlsetup-all.exe “ which is 100 MB plus in size if you want to keep a backup of the installer, install Windows Live Messenger on a PC which is not connected to the internet or circulate WLM across a shared network.

The wlsetup-all.exe will have all installation files packed in it, but it is not possible to uncompress or extract them as individual application installation files with .MSI extension. The .MSI file is not included in wlsetup-all.exe, but when you run wlsetup-web.exe web installer, the .MSI file packaged in the .CAB file get downloaded and installed.

However, it is possible to get a copy of the setup installer for installing a standalone WLM 2009 on any computer anytime without the need to spend enormous time on downloading. You just need to follow the below mentioned trick to obtain the “Messenger.msi” file.

  1. You need to first download the Windows Live Installer by going to download.live.com.
  2. Once you get the installer downloaded, install/ upgrade your WLM to the latest version.
  3. Go to “Windows Explorer”, and select “Tools” -> “Folder Options” -> “View” and select the option for displaying hidden files/ folders. Also make the protected OS files viewable by deselecting the checkbox for the option that hides protected OS files.
  4. If you are using Vista, you need to run Windows Explorer with administrator rights and elevated privileges so that you are able to view all the folders.

  5. Now navigate to Program Files-> Common Files-> Windows Live->.cache->folder
  6. You will find numerous folders having 15 character names (combination of numbers and characters). Go through the folders till you locate the file “Messenger.msi” which is an individual .MSI setup installer for WLM 2009. It is possible to copy this setup installer to another location.
  7. Any Windows installer retrieved in such a manner is generally called a silent installer.
    Tip: The file “%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Windows Live\.cache\cache.ini” keeps a record of the paths of various Windows Live software programs which are downloaded/ installed on your PC.

  8. Install the WLM using “Messenger.msi” setup installer and run the WLM to check if it has any problem. Incase you face any issues, try installing the below mentioned three programs into the .cache directory in different sub-folders.
  9. dw20shared.msi (i.e. DW 2.0 Client)
    contacts.msi (Contacts)
    crt.msi (MS Visual Studio Runtime)

    Installing contacts.msi is very much necessary as it helps to avoid the occurrence of 8000FFFF error and fixes it incase it occurs by any chance.

Now that you have created a backup copy of the silent setup “Messenger.msi”, you may as well uninstall all programs from the WL Suite from the Control Panel and reinstall Messenger.msi along with Contacts.msi. By doing so, you can dispose off all other WL components and just keep WLM9.

You may use the same trick for installing the various other products from Windows Live Suite including WL Sign-In Assistant (wllogin.msi), WL Writer, WL Toolbar, WL Mail, WL Photo Gallery, WL Family Safety, WL Call, MS Office Outlook Connector and Segoe UI Font.


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