This is a compact version of windows media player. It has been developed to make it more easily usable by users. It is meant to use minimal energy to run. It is an extension or can be said to be based on the original media player classic 6.4.9.

It was developed by Vista codec, it is customized for Vista used by the people with Vista. It can playback videos without giving a break to the aero theme, at the same time the streaming the video. The VCP author has also turned off all internal codecs in MPC, thus this MPC is distributed and acted simply as a media player.

It is also a major power saver as it disables the screen saver and the desktop till the video is being watched. Although the shortcut is automatically created at the time of installation, file association is not automatic and needs to be configured manually by the user. The short cut is added in common tools and vistas codec.

The installment is also uninstalable as it can be removed like any other application can be removed. Through install/ uninstall box, MPC is a newer version the many available media player, but this one is also a power saver for the user letting him/her save power while watching a movie or a video. It is this feature that sets it apart from other media players. MPC is also able to make up for the poorly functioning releases.

[ Download Media Player Classic (MPC) addon for Vista Codec Package ]


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