Windows Movie Maker That You Can Take Everywhere

In every Microsoft Windows operating system, they have a built in feature of video editing and creating, and lots of users also might be well aware about this feature called Windows Movie Maker. With this tool you are able to create and even edit any video.

Whereas those who have used earlier version of Windows and now using Windows 7 or Vista might have noticed that some functions like capture video, import video, or even transition are missing. To use those functions you can use Windows Movie Maker version 2.1, which is a portable version for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  

You don’t have to install Windows Movie Maker version 2.1 in order to use it. Just carry the Windows Movie Maker version 2.1 in a pen drive or USB drive, and use it on any computer with Windows operating system.

Now this portable feature is of great use. Suppose you are on holiday trip with all your families or friends. Carry the Windows Movie Maker version 2.1 in a pen drive and in anyone’s laptop you can create a small movie with editing clips and even putting images, background music, and other special effects.


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