Use Easy Keyboard Shortcuts to Launch Items From Quick Launch Bar

Quick Launch Bar, a brilliant time saving feature in MS Windows is placed on the taskbar, exactly besides the Start Menu. It allows you to quickly access your desktop icon without having to close or minimize any open windows.

Quick Launch Bar includes some default shortcuts or items such as Launch Internet Explorer, Show Desktop and incase of Windows Vista, you will also see “Switch between windows” icon. Normally, users click on the shortcut or icon placed within the Quick Launch toolbar to run or activate an application.

However, if you prefer to use the keyboard to run/activate the items in your Quick Launch Bar, it is possible to do so with the help of keyboard shortcuts. To activate or access Quick Launch Bar items using keyboard shortcuts, you need to count the position of the item starting from the left end. Then just press Win + (Position/Location number) keys together in order to launch it.

For Example, If your Quick Launch Bar has “Show desktop” as the first icon, you need to press “Win + 1” together to minimize all open windows and view the desktop. If “Snipping Tool” happens to be the second item in your Quick Launch Bar, you need to press “Win + 2? together to run or launch it.

Similarly if you are using Windows Vista and have “switch between windows” as the third item in Quick Launch Bar, you may press “Win + 3? to activate it and so on. This keyboard shortcut can also be applied to extra icons which are hidden within the “Expand” arrow.

However as number keys are few, you need to remember that this trick can only work until the 10th item placed within the Quick Launch bar. This 10th item can be activated by using “Win + 0? keys

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