Clean And Organize Vista Start Menu Into Category By Downloading Free WinStep Start Menu Organizer

The application WinStep Start Menu Organizer is deliberated to facilitate the convenience to the users. It helps the users organize and clean Windows Vista Start Menu into different groups. With the WinStep Start Menu Organizer, users can simply organize the programs in different groups like the games, Internet, utilities and etc.

It is real handy for the users who have installed many software applications on their Windows Vista, which they might find it difficult to locate when they need them later. The simple interface features of Winstep Start Menu Organizer gives effortless using experiences to the users.

Basically the WinStep Start Menu Organizer has three panels.

  • The first one is made for default folders, with which the users can organize all the applications in the menu. The groups are defined as Graphics, Games, Internet, Office, Media, Misc, Security, Programming, System and Utilities.
  • The next panel contains all applications which are set under the preferred group.
  • The last one displays all the applications that have been already uninstalled.

User can insert the application into the chosen group by means of a click on command “Add Selected Items to Category”. As soon as the arrangement process is completed, the Start Menu will modify accordingly.

Some of the main features of the WinStep Start Menu Organizer are listed below:

  • Helps to organize your Start Menu
  • Straightforward to utilize with sensitive interface
  • Drag & Drop support totally great
  • Multi item assortment and management
  • Infinite levels of Undo and Redo
  • Backup and Restore Support for Start Menu
  • Removal of unrelated shortcuts via just a single click
  • Capacity to explore for and delete the unused dead shortcuts

Winstep Start Menu Organizer is presently made available in the two versions, free version and pro version. Free version merely consists of ten standard groups, whereas the pro-version gives the facility to create unlimited own groups.

Download the freeware version of WinStep


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