If you have been using computers, you know what taskbar is. Those who have got a new system and luckily have Windows Vista on your system,Windows Vista’s Taskbar, is a special area that keeps track of all the programs that are open in your system. Normally you’ll see the along the bottom of your screen, however it’s not fixed to that location. I can be moved to any edge you want !. To move to the edge you want, drag it from edge to edge, and if it doesn’t move, right click on the Taskbar and uncheck Lock the Taskbar.

Now if your Vista’s Taskbar keeps hiding, it must be because the Auto-hide feature is activated for your Taskbar. To uncheck Auto-hide feature of Windows Vista’s Taskbar, point the mouse to the edge where you have your Taskbar, wait until the Taskbar pops-up and when it does, right click on the taskbar, and unselect Auto-hide the Taskbar option.

Task bar helps you get a snap shot of the program that is running. To see which program is running, point your mouse over any of the program and it pulls out details for you. Well this may not work correctly on systems that do not have a powerful graphics card as it uses quite a bit of system resources.

Taskbar also reveals the program which is currently active by showing a darker taskbar button when compared to other programs buttons (provided you have lot of programs open), and you haven’t minimized all the windows on your desktop.



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