WindowBlinds problems with Yahoo Chat: How to fix it

WindowBlinds is the one solace for XP users who do not have access to the kind of graphics that Windows Vista and Windows 7 have been equipped with. However, while using WindowBlinds, many users have reported several bugs that seem to crop up after installation. One such bug is that WindowBlinds 4.5 is not compatible with Yahoo applications. Every time you right-click anywhere – desktop, taskbar, browser, word document, etc. – the Yahoo chat gets shut down. This is a difficult problem to crack as it has the whole system being affected – however, here are a few potential workarounds that might turn out to be handy.

Ideally, you should try uninstalling WindowBlinds and then see if things go back to normal. This exercise would give you a clear idea of whether the culprit behind the problem is WindowBlinds, or something else. In case this is not possible, you can try out the following.

Firstly, you might want to check if there is a pop-up blocker that is being affected by WindowBlinds. This could potentially account for the fact that your Yahoo chat window is getting closed – the pop-up blocker must be misidentifying it as a pop-up.

Keep the Ctrl key pressed while you are starting Yahoo chat. This is a tip given by the developers of WindowBlinds to prevent the skinning of windows in the working area of the desktop. The primary trouble stems from the fact that WindowBlinds does not work with Windows API, and instead draws its own windows whenever needed.

At the end of the day, if you find that WindowBlinds is causing serious problems, and rendering your PC literally inactive, then is it worth buying and installing this software at all? You have to ask yourself – who needs great looks and graphics at the cost of basic functionality? No one.


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