Windowspager To Enable Four Virtual Desktops On Your Windows System

In today’s world of computers, multitasking is the need of the hour. One can hardly avoid it. At a number of occasions, you might have run multiple applications on your computer simultaneous. Though you might have learnt to manage multitasking, too many running applications can sometimes lead to confusion.

To take care of your multitasking needs, you may use “WindowsPager” which offers four ‘virtual’ desktops so as to allow you to group your running applications systematically. For instance, while you may dedicate one virtual workspace to office related tasks, you may run only social networking applications in the other.

You need to simply download the zipped file for WindowsPager from the internet. Extract the contents from the zipped file and double-click on the executable file. Once you do this, you will see this utility placed at the base of your desktop. You may set up a particular virtual workspace by just launching applications from that particular workspace.

Switching between the virtual desktops is also quite easy. You simply need to click on the shortcut of the virtual workspace that you wish to switch on to. WindowsPager is very much lightweight and consumes just about 340kB of your computer’s memory space.

WindowsPager works well with most Windows OS including Windows XP, Vista and 2000. As you do not need to install WindowsPager, you can just carry this portable utility in your thumb drive and use it in different mobile stations. This freeware can be easily downloaded from the link Here.


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