I get curious always to see numbers associated with everything… how many visitors visit my site every hr or the day, every day of the month, how many times firefox has been downloaded and so on. One of my favorite blogging software is WordPress and I keep a count of how many WP have been downloaded too :).

Recently I noticed that WordPress had crossed the 3 million download number. Last week it was hovering around 2.9 million and I was sure it would cross the 3 Mil number soon.

For all those who do not know what WordPress is, it is the best availalbe open source blogging software with the a seemingly huge community supporting it day in and day out.

Since the day I planned to move my blog from a blogspot blog to self-hosted wordpress blog, I’ve been a happy person. WordPress can be tweaked for performance, look-n-feel, SEO and more. The beauty of wordpress is everything around is so simple around it, installing a new addon feature to changing the theme of the site, everything thing is as easy as a few clicks.

Matt is the person behind wordpress. Congrats to him on WordPress’s success.


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