Alex King has come up with a new service – phone support for any WordPress related issues at : WpHelpCenter.

Check out the price list :

Wordpress Phone Support To Solve All Your WordPress Related Issues

If you are not a programmer, and have a wordpress issue then this service is very handy. The rates are higher when compared to what it would cost in the market, but if it is something very important, of great quality and urgent, you can’t be choosy. Also Alex is a credible person when it comes to wordpress, so you can be sure that most of your problems will have a solution, most of the times.

We can answer simple questions about how to create categories and tags, how to use your links list, or we can help you install and/or troubleshoot themes, plugins, etc. and answer questions about your blog. We can also make little modifications and tweaks to plugins and/or themes (change your colors, fonts, header images, etc.) as desired. Best of all, we have real developers answering the phone when you call – you can get answers, right now!

There are other places where you can get programmers to solve your wordpress problems (at a much cheaper rate, but can’t guarantee the quality) :

1> Digital Point Services

2> SitePoint Services

3> ELance

4> oDesk

5> Guru


  1. Hi,I’m Anshul. I’m New Website Creater. I Just want to know about WordPress All in One SEO Yoast Plugin. How its work and steps to guide me please how can i Improve my Website SEO.
    My Contact Number 9971727979 (Delhi, India)

  2. Hi,I’m Anshul. I’m New Website Creater. I Just want to know about WordPress All in One SEO Yoast Plugin. How its work and steps to guide me please how can i Improve my Website SEO.

  3. Hello,

    When we original purchased the Affiliate plugin for our website we were such novices that we did not realize we would need the estore too (at least to make life easier). I see that there is a deal if you buy both the affiliate plugin and the estore together for $55. Will you still give us the deal if we already bought the Affiliate program? If so, how would we proceed in purchasing the estore plugin? Thank you.

  4. That is bull, like hell i’m paying to ask a question. My simple solution switch services or email Matt till he gets angry enough to reply (did that twice now).

  5. Hi, I am in need of technical support for WordPress. My website in WordPress is an astrological presentation. I have built an aspects page in Excel 2007 and need for it to be accurately transferred to my webpage. This has become a major issue as WordPress seems as though it is not recognizing the symbol represnetation from Excel. I have tried several different file extensions including .gif .xps .jpg .pdf and several other file extensions to no avail WordPress simply transfers the symbols as other characters and doesn’t seem to recognize the symbols from Excel 2007. Accurate astrological glyphs(symbols)are under Insert,Symbols,astro.Mtx in Excel 2007. These astrological symbols are universal in their visual representation so must be accurately represented on my webpage.which requires astrological symbols from Excel 2007(under astro.Mtx. I would appreciate it if I get support or advice on how to resolve this issue.

  6. @Gautam
    Ok, I uninstalled the entire wordpress application and then re-installed but it’s doing the same thing as soon as I try to change the permalinks. This is the error I get.

    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

    I also noticed that there is no .htaccess file created when I install WordPress through the godaddy installation. I heard there is a delay with Godaddy finding pages after you update the permalinks, but this is not a 404 error, it’s a 403 error…

  7. @Nathan – not sure if .htaccess problem has something to do with wordpress. What I’d suggest is, take a complete back up of your database once your site is working, remove the current installation completely, freshly install wordpress from scratch and import your previous database.

    If you are well versed with handling databases and wordpress try this on your own, else find a suitable person who’s experienced to handle this situation.

    Let me know if you need more help.


  8. Hello,
    I moved my blog from a directory on my server to the root and I made the mistake of moving the files before I changed the site url and home page settings. I was able to get back and login to the dashboard, but now whenever I try to edit/create a page, I get a 403 Forbidden error. I have noticed that each time I do this, a .htaccess file is created on my server which I am unable to edit because the site is hosted on godaddy. Once i delete that .htaccess file, I can get back into the site. But then once I go back in and try to edit a page, same thing happens. Any suggestions?

  9. So my friend created a site for me for my business through wordpress & showed me how to edit,add, delete features & pages & it was running well. Then alot of my students/clients/leads were telling me it was searchable & couldnt b found. I figured out that at the end of the URL, you had to add /test. So it was good if we added that, but it changed all my printed flyers, brochures, etc. w/out the added /test so I logged in & tried to fix it by erasing the test from the root directory but I saved it before testing it & now the server cant find the directory. If you try to look up the website, u will see, w/or w/out /test added.
    I am screwed & losing business so I really need help. My friend is now out of the country & unreachable.
    It was suggested to check my history offline & try to find that page for thAT DAY & then copy/paste it in a window when I log on.
    Also, if there is a number that I could call so someone can walk me through how I can change it, that would b so helpful.
    here is my cell… call anytime, please HELP ME FIX THIS!
    JOEY 813-514-3435

  10. Hello again, woodpress is version2.7.1. But now thats back I have..
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/moneysys/public_html/index.php on line 1
    Any help would be greatfull. Tks David.

  11. Hi, nor sure what version, was trying through fantastico, and using a program file transfer called CORE?? If you need passwords or more info.
    Tks David.

  12. @David – Which version of WordPress are you using ? Were you trying to install it manually or were you trying to install it through fantastico ?

  13. Hello, I started to try and create a web page, using hostzar and wordpress, but I am now completly lost I did have it up and running but have trried to up load themes using a “core” program, and now its all locked up with errors and things I dont know how to sort out can you reset everything or tell me how and may be I can try again(after creating a back up this time!!) many thanks David.

  14. @Gabriel – Do you have access to your websites database ? If you do, then you can reset your password there !. Search for ‘How to reset lost wordpress admin password’ and you should find a lot of links that’ll help you. If you still have problems let me know.

  15. I’ve lost my username and password. When I enter my email address for a new password all it gives is a new username called admin.

    Here is a copy of the message I received. I’ve followed the instructions and go to the link and it says enter your username, which I do. it then says go to your email to reset your password, but all i get is the same message.

    Username: admin

    To reset your password visit the following address, otherwise just ignore this email and nothing will happen.

  16. I am trying to update my wordpress blog and I don’t remember my password. My wordpress blog was set up by my daugther and my computer died along with my contacts & passwords. All of the possible email addresses that I put in are not being accepted. My daughter does not remember the email address she used or the password (she thinks it was one given by WordPress). Some of the possible email addresses are: [email protected], [email protected]. If you have some security questions, maybe I can answer them. Please advise how I can obtain my password so that I can access the blog admin to start inputting information.

    Thank you.

  17. @Dave – Guess some problem with configuration. Let me know your login credentials to the site’s ftp/cpanel. I’ll look into it.

  18. hi, my problem is very bizarre. i do not know who or what my cpanal is and i cannot log into my site what so ever!.. the page is blank. i accidentially edited something on my themes.php file but corrected it but when i updated the file, everything went blank? now i cant even get onto admin or see my own site online. if you type in , all that comes up is a completely white blank screen? i think i really screwed this up. all i know is that i am using “Hostazar” as a host account but that is it. ive tried so many different options to get my admin up again but cant. i am really worried that i wont be able to get onto my site again. what can i do? please email back and let me know if yo can help.. i am very desperate.

  19. @Parker – I’ve made necessary changes and emailed you the same. Please let me know if you want further help. You have my number in case you need to get in touch with me.

  20. Hello,

    I recently had to change passwords becuase my login was not recognized. I am unable now to make any changes to my website (

    old login: rmcconville, password:
    new login: rmcconville, password:

    Please give me a call 919-770-4526 or send me a number that I can contact it is somewhat urgent as we are in discussions with a potential business partner and we need to update our site before things can proceed.


    Parker McConville

  21. Hi,
    I’d like to take advantage of your telephone support in order to help in my initial stages of WP.
    It’s all installed with the e-commerce plugin, but struggling (timewise) to figure out how to create pages.

    Would you send me your contact phone number, and how you receive payment. I’m in London, UK, so where are you located and what are your contact hours?

    Look forward to hearing back.



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