Workaround In Order To Run Bar Style Sidebar Of Windows Vista In Windows 7

Modernization of Windows Sidebar can be seen in Windows 7. Gadgets can roam free anywhere and they can locate in Windows 7 on desktop. We can replace the latest version of the sidebar component and by installing Windows Vista Sidebar in Windows 7. Similarly, they have provided a solution to fix the gadgets that are not working while UAC is has been disabled.

Gadget of Windows 7 will run in the area of sidebar. The sidebar is a bar which can be located at the desktop side of your PC or laptop.

You have to close all the gadgets on desktop.

You take ownership as well as give full permissions to Administrators group for following files:

C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder:

  • settings.ini
  • sidebar.exe

Inside the folder of en-US:

  • sbdrop.dll.mui
  • Sidebar.exe.mui

For the purpose of overwriting, you need to first backup those 4 files those are listed above.

Then download the

After that extract as well as copy those contents which are present in ZIP file into their subsequent folders: C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder, thus overwriting and replacing the existing files that are applicable.

Then you can again add gadgets on desktop.

Super, this will enable the sidebar application on the Windows 7. It can be opened, exited, and closed, together with all the gadgets added to it.



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