Screening Room Provided By YouTube for Independent Filmmakers

A good number of movies are highlighting the reality of our collective problems that could be hardly seen in any local newspaper or movies from Hollywood. These films are quite good at getting the audience in touch with the reality of this world, and hence they can genuinely raise their feelings. YouTube Screening Room – the latest online theater allows the audiences and gives them an ample opportunity to see less commercialized films that are developed by independent filmmakers.

YouTube claims that it is the world’s largest theater which has four new films in alternate Friday. The good news is that the films that are being showcased in the Screening Room are eligible for receiving awards in festivals at international level.

New filmmakers are invited by YouTube to submit as well as share their productions in this largest theater. Filmmakers are also having an option of choosing “Buy Now” button that’s attached with their work for the purpose of selling of digital copies or DVDs. In this way they will collect a bulk amount of ad revenue rendered from their work.


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