It is an effort to uplift the glamor of its search engines; Yahoo has introduced a row of new search enhancements. The most important inclusion is however the ‘Accordion’ module and the release of apps into the search page. You can also mark the news and entertainment shortcuts as important to yahoo Search.

It is these shortcuts that guide its users to obtain the necessary information through trailers listen to songs, latest news on any topic, and view the latest albums. In short, a way of pepping up your search to make it more interesting. With the help of this search page, you are now able to purchase movie/concert tickets, for the local venues.

The company has further introduced an advanced web search for iPhones and Android services, which promise well equipped results that leverage HTML 5Technology. An added slideshow facility is included in the image search. After connecting yahoo and Facebook accounts, the user is able to view slideshows of images from a friend’s album.

It also adds information from Flickr. This feature is restricted to the US at present, but promises to reach out through out the world, maybe by next year. It also promises to include more convertible elements into its search results. The company had been contemplating on coming out with is search enhancements long after Microsoft‘s search deals were made. The main aim behind Yahoo’s launch of ‘Accordion’ is to maintain its status by enabling users more utility to one page.

Many of these features have already been view at the latest ‘Runway’ event. It is easy for users to go through panes holding various information. Also the future promises more other scenarios where Accordion could enhance transactions. Travel links also could be added. To sum it all up, this module enhances the discovery of information in a way that traditional search engines do not.

It goes way beyond the smartbox/one box’ universal search approach, which has been the favored one for a good many years now. Yahoo is in the process of consolidating ‘quick apps’ to be able to search farther down the pages of which Netflix is the beginner. It opens a window, letting you watch trailers, movies or even enter their Queue rights where you can put up you favorite movies onto the Queue.

The goal of Accordion style results is to save people time finding what they are basically looking for, providing information without having to scroll down!


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