You Can Recover Any Kind Of Passwords With Password Genius

Password Genius is a third party tool to recover any kind of passwords. It is very handy for any kind of computer users. It solves any kind of password related problems in couple of minutes. If in case you have lost any password or you have forgotten the password, with the help of Password Genius you problem will be solved in seconds.

In case you have forgotten user account password or if you need to change the administrator passwords, then you can use Password Genius and you wouldn’t have to reinstall Windows. Password Finder, MS Key Finder, and User Password/ Windows Administrator are the three module of Password Genius.



Key Specification of Password Genius mentioned below: 

  • Friendly and very easy User Interface
  • Email passwords can be easily recovered from your machine
  • User Password or Windows Administration can be reset very efficiently
  • Passwords for Google talk, yahoo messenger and even MSN messenger can be recovered
  • Network connection password and even Windows Auto logo can be recovered very fast
  • Passwords for IE AutoComplete, MS Access, and MS Outlook can also be recovered by Password Genius.
  • Even if you have forgotten or lost the serial number of the Windows or the CD key, Password Genius can recover it.
  • The serial number or the CD Key of installed MS Office can also be recovered.
  • Password Genius can run on Windows XP and also on both the service pack, Vista, 2000, NT, 2003, ME and lots more.

Download Password Genius


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