In the pipelines: Adobe’s Online Photo Manager – Photoshop Express

Adobe is the next company to fray into the online photo-editing niche. It is cuurently developing an online photo manager called the Adobe Photoshop Express. This web based application is going to be free of cost and will allow the users to upload, store, edit and manage their photo collections over the internet. This will also act as a sharing community where people can create and manage collaborative albums, and share their photos with other through their respective profiles.

Although the company is shying away from revealing the exact details of this application, it has already started creating flutters all around. In a recent press release, senior product manager John Nack commented that he will not be able to share much of the details of the application and asked the people present to content themselves with the screenshots that they had put up. Moreover, word has it that this application will allow users to edit photos directly in the browsers and within sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Orkut, etc.

The question that everyone is asking right now is – will the Photoshop Express be able to get an edge over the widespread popularity of Google’s Picasa? How well will the designers be able to integrate offline photo editing with online sharing and photo album viewing?

Keeping in mind that Adobe’s Photoshop is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used photo-editing software on Windows, Photoshop Express should be something to watch out for.

Adobe has not yet declared an official release date for Photoshop Express. However, Adobe enthusiasts are eagerly hoping that it will be out soon.


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