Testing A Desktop Power Supply

These days several computer problems are related to power supply. Whenever the power supply fails, computer stops working. Furthermore, other issues such as booting problems, unexpected restart, and lockups could be because of the problem in the power supply. If you want to examine the power supply then you must have a multimeter. The multimeter is an instrument, which is used to measure the current voltage supply. The power supply also includes a converter for converting 115 AC volts to DC supply, which a computer needs to run.

To check the current supply you need to follow a few steps. These steps are particularly developed for testing the power supply. However you can also use them to test the laptop connections.

Testing With Multimeter

  • Initial step is to inspect the connections of the power supply. You need to shut down the computer and check the voltage selector and then verify whether the fan is spinning or not. If it is spinning then there is nothing wrong with the power supply, the problem is with the power source.
  • The next thing is to try to deal with the issue by checking the electric outlet. For this, you can use the electric multimeter. Set the unit to AC Volt a bit above 115 to test the outlet.
  • At this moment, the multimeter is set to a continuity check. Initially, we have to join the positive terminal of the multimeter with red outlet, and negative terminal has to join with the black wire.
  • If the mulitmeter needle moves to the right side then there is nothing wrong with the power outlet.
  • After this check the motherboard connections. Before checking this plug out the power and make sure that P9 and P8 connectors are correctly connected.

Testing a New Power Supply

Buy a new power supply from the market. Take out the old power supply from the cabinet, for this you must have to detach the cables of the power supply from the motherboard, HDD drives and CD writer. After taking it out, connect new power supply with the motherboard and all their drives and start your computer. If your system boots up then your previous power supply was damaged.


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