Recently I was watching videos on YouTube, everything was working fine, and all of sudden it started giving problems. A message popped up saying “Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe’s Flash Player“.

It was kinda strange because I had not changed any setting. I was sure that JavaScript was running fine and also had latest version of Adobe. Rare chances were that YouTube upgraded Adobe requirement when I was changing from one video to another, like one in million times it could happen !

I upgraded to the latest version of Adobe and as suspected that was not the problem. Frankly I still don’t know what the problem is, but this trick helped me :

I use Firefox and clearing the cache and private data helped me set this problem. The clear Private data, Go to Tools –> Clear Priavte Data –> Clear Private Data Now.

This trick worked for me. It’s not necessary that this will work for everyone. Here are some other solutions I found on a couple of forums, try these if the above trick does not work for you.

One solution is if you have an Anti-Virus like Norton Anti Virus or try turning off the Ad and Popup Blocker and reboot your machine. Try running youTube again, this has worked for a few.

For Downloading the ‘complete‘ version of Adobe Macromedia Flash player solves the problem, which can be downloaded it from :

If any of the above works or if you have any concrete solution which works for everyone please share it.

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  1. I got this to work for me.
    1. Upgrade Adobe Flash player as suggested by youtube.
    2. Delete tempory internet files.
    3. Turn off all ad blockers IE, Norton, MacAfee ect
    4. -start
    5. Restart computer
    6. Test youtube videos
    7. Turn ad blockers back on
    8. Enjoy

  2. Just deleted my browsing history as per your instructions and Voila! it started working…
    Thanks a ton for having the patience and thoughfulness of sharing this info.

  3. i had the same problem it solved by installing Flash player as zip ,visit this adobe page and look for this part (If the ActiveX Control for Flash Player fails to install, download the executable installer.
    If the information above has not resolved the issue, download the executable Flash Player installer here:

    •Download and unzip

  4. “Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe’s Flash Player“.

    You tube videos are not running, the above message is splashes, ihv lastest flash player version, java script turned on also pls help me

  5. Hello,
    Installation of latest flash player plugin solves this problem.
    if u have flash player 10, install flash player 10 plugin.


  6. Easy solution: uninstall flash player using the OFFICIAL FLASH REMOVAL TOOL from Adobe – it’s available from their download site. Do not use control panel it won’t work. Then reboot and reinstall… its that simple.


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