Created by Kailash Nandh, the one who produced BoastMachine, Krunch is a feature driven web service that easily compresses and decompresses files online. With Krunch the procedure of compressing files and sending them across the web has become much easier.

This individual program is enough to gzip and zip files on the web, without the assistance of any other program. Also, this tool keeps your files ready-to-send on the web for twenty four hours and you can mail these files to more than one sender. Krunch is one of the most useful online tools that can easily pick files for compression. It can upload and uncompress compressed files saved in a folder. Even compressed files in the archives can be easily uncompressed and sent across through emails.

The multi-featured Krunch tool can decompress and download the compressed files from websites into a particular folder. This tool is capable of compressing around 10 files from different websites and saving them for future use. All you need to do is enter the URL of the file that needs to undergo compression or decompression and then, Krunch will let you download the files individually. Or, if you need a couple of files to be zipped, then, upload each and every file, one at a time to Krunch and it will turn the file into .zip format. In case, there are files on the net that needs to be converted into .zip, just add their URLs to Krunch and you will get .zip formatted files.

Update: Krunch is no more available as a result of Registerfly Scams

Visitors can make use of ZipMyFile a similar service that lets you compress files upto 70% of it’s original file, all done online.


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